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Free Workshop on December 15, 2022

Just in time for the holidays:

Productive Conflict!

Whether it’s your coworkers or your in-laws, conflict is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be destructive. For various reasons, we each respond differently to conflict. Once we can develop self-awareness and learn how to override our automatic responses, conflict can bring about positive change instead of being something we fear or avoid. 

Join me for a fun, interactive session to learn how to make conflict more productive at home and at work!

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In this workshop, we will cover...

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Positive Impacts
of Conflict

How to Recognize and Reprogram your Automatic Responses to Conflict

Strategies You Can Apply Immediately

We often associate conflict with negative outcomes, but healthy conflict can have positive organizational and personal impacts. 

We all have automatic responses when faced with conflict. Often the stories we tell ourselves are only part of reality. Learning to stop the automatic response is the first step to having productive conflict.

Explore different productive responses to conflict and find what works for you. You will leave with tools and real-life strategies you can apply to engage in conflict with different styles. 

Benefits of taking the workshop include...

Improve Workplace Efficiency

In a 2019 survey of 12,000 businesspeople, 70% of managers reported that conflict negatively impacts the efficiency in their department.


Save Time

Manager-level respondents of the same survey reported that they spend at least 3.2 hours per week dealing with conflict.

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Image by Natalie Pedigo

Decrease Employee Turnover

40% of employees said they left their jobs in the past year because of unhealthy conflict.

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Presented by...

Estie Briggs

of Briggs Performance Consulting

Estie Briggs is an accomplished change coach and consultant with more than 15 years of experience launching large-scale organizational change management and training initiatives. Estie has coached leaders at all levels of the organization and led hundreds of workshops across the globe to create impactful, relevant learning experiences. She is passionate about building relationships, creating joyful workplaces, and helping others recognize and leverage their strengths. 

Estie is also a certified Everything DiSC partner, Emotional Intelligence Coach, APMG Change Coach, and SHRM credit provider. She has several pieces of paper that make her legit!


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