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Workshop Tools
Welcome to the Toolshed!

Check out this Toolshed Tuesday for expert tips on navigating change and leading a successful change initiative with a human-centered approach.

The toolshed is a curated collection of tools and resources for increasing efficiency, and managing time,  videos explaining how to use them.  

  • What the tool is

  • Why it’s helpful

  • Whom it’s intended for

  • How to use it

  • Templates, links, or references

Toolshed Tuesday: Episode 2 -
Team Charter

A team charter is a tool often used by project managers, to define and document your team’s overall objectives, deliverables, communication protocols, and team members' roles. But this doesn’t just need to be used by certified project managers. It is a great tool for any team. 

The best time to use one is when establishing a new team, but it can also be leveraged to re-launch or re-align an existing team that’s been operating for a while.


Episode 3 - Mood Meter 

Self-awareness is essential to building new habits, improving relationships, and regulating your emotions. This Toolshed Tuesday's tool is about how to use the "Mood Meter". Based on the work of Mark Brackett, Ph.D. and founding director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

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