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Reflecting on Reflecting

🍂 Fall 2023

Greetings and Happy Fall! I hope this note finds everyone well. September always feels more of a fresh start than January. A few weekends ago, while walking my dogs, I passed my neighbor’s mud-crusted truck and trailer. He had recently returned from an unexpectedly muddy Burning Man festival. It was a fun reminder of my stress-free late 20s.

Muddy truck and trailer returning home from Burning Man

I attended a couple of the legendary festivals and even met my husband there in 2001. The 2023 event unexpectedly ended with a giant rainstorm. 70,000 festival attendees were stranded in thick mud (and probably some glitter.)

Like Burning Man, 2023 has had its share of celebrations and challenges. Most people I talk to share the same sentiment. In one workshop I led, I asked participants, "If the first half of your 2023 were a movie, what would be the title?"

Without hesitation, one woman yelled out "Welcome to the Shit Show!" It broke the ice quickly. Everyone laughed. There's something comforting in calling it out and laughing with others about the shit show that can sometimes be life. May the rest of your 2023 be memorable for good reasons, and may your challenges be laughable!


🛠️EQ Masterclass

There are spots available for my EQ Masterclass! This 4-week “EQ Masterclass” is an extension of the 2-part “Emotionally Intelligent Leader” I ran for UCON this July. That workshop was very well received!

Learners from other Bay Area construction and landscape industries will be joining. The course is open to anyone looking to improve their interpersonal skills. It should be a good opportunity for your leaders to learn from others in different industries.

This workshop would be great for anyone on your staff who:

  • is new to leading their current team

  • is looking to build their leadership skills (emotional intelligence)

  • has been challenged with delivering feedback

  • has been looking for ways to resolve conflict in a healthy way

  • would benefit from increasing their self-awareness so that they can have more productive interactions,

This course is packed with content that will help them be successful. It’s also set up in a format for busy leaders. The total time required to be on Zoom is only 90 minutes per week.

Click below to register or join the kick-off this Thursday 9/28/23 to learn more, and find out whether it's for you or your leaders. The cost is $1,595 and there is a discount available if you send 3 or more participants.

🕰️New for Fall: EQ Office Hours

Join me Friday afternoons, 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. PT beginning Friday 9/29. These sessions are open to anyone working to build their EQ. Join us for a weekly opportunity to reflect and build accountability in a fun, informal, and confidential setting. Connect with like-minded individuals who are also working on enhancing their leadership skills. During each session, we will explore a reflection question and engage in dynamic conversations. We will celebrate wins, and exchange helpful resources, tools, and strategies. Lastly, we will set intentions for the upcoming week. Jumpstart your week and make new connections with a supportive community. Click here to register and save your spot.


A Strategy for Reflecting

Years ago I learned a powerful strategy for reflecting on experiences and leveraging them for learning opportunities. The Kolb cycle involves four stages: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation.

A dog looking into a mirror, showing his face in the reflection
My handsome boy, Marco, thinking deep dog thoughts.

First, recall a specific experience and describe what happened (concrete experience). Next, think about what you observed and how you felt during the experience (reflective observation).

Next, consider what you learned from the experience and how you can apply it to other situations (abstract conceptualization). Finally, make a plan for how you can apply what you learned in the future and test it out (active experimentation). By using the Kolb cycle, you can gain a deeper understanding of your experiences and develop strategies for personal growth and improvement.


Let's chat!

If you're interested in booking a coaching session or in-house workshops for your teams this Fall, I would love to chat. Click below to book a call with me.


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