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The Agile Gardener | Spring 2022

Updated: May 28, 2022

Welcome to the first edition of my seasonal newsletter - "The Agile Gardener". As Spring approaches and we emerge from the isolation and massive change of the past two years, I have been looking for ways to help others adapt, grow, and realize their full potential. I'm excited to share workshops, tools, and courses I'll be offering to help you and your team make 2022 your "You 2.0" year!

About me

I'm a leadership coach, agile change consultant, mom, and aspiring urban farmer (hence the giant chicken in my yard, and the name of the newsletter). I was born & raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My professional background includes 15+ years in learning and development (primarily in the mortgage industry). As part of a career pivot, I returned to school in 2015 to obtain my Bachelor's degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies, and in 2019 I earned a Master's in Organizational Development. I obtained an Agile Change Agent certification in 2021. I've always been passionate about teaching and learning.

One of my strengths is helping others identify and leverage their strengths, and one of my passions is sharing knowledge.

This year, my goal is to offer workshops, courses, and coaching sessions designed to help others own their narrative and build the skills to define their next path. Click on any of the links below to learn more or book a spot. I look forward to seeing you!


Work 2.0: Design Your Job to Work for You

Back by popular demand: Wednesday, 3/23 2:00 PM PDT. (Eligible for 2 SHRM CE Credits)

I ran this 2-hour virtual workshop in February and received great feedback! If you or someone you know are:

  • Feeling stuck in your current job

  • Looking to pivot your career but unsure where to start

  • Wanting more fulfillment out of your job

  • Recently "re-organized" out of a company or a job

Join me! This is the workshop for you. Participants will learn to:

  • Incorporate your motives, strengths, passions, and values into your existing job or use them to design your next dream job.

  • Develop strategies to re-engage with your job.

  • Change your mindset in how you perceive your work.

  • Design tasks in a way that will bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment out of work

Click below to save your spot.

Toolshed Tuesdays - Starting April 2022

Being a lifelong learner has helped me harvest lots of great tools, templates, and life hacks. Every other Tuesday I'll share and explain how to use a tool from my virtual toolshed. These 30-minute (or less) sessions are free and open to anyone interested in learning how to improve organizational or team effectiveness.

For our first tool, I'll be sharing how to use a RACI matrix. We have all experienced failed attempts to implement a change and know the painful consequences that can have a ripple effect across the organization. A RACI chart can save lots of confusion and ambiguity about who is responsible, who is accountable, and what the project objectives are. Click below to save your spot for our first session on Tuesday 4/19 at 2:00 PM PDT.

Let's chat!

If you're interested in booking a coaching session or in-house workshops for your teams this year, I would love to chat. Click below to book a call with me.


"Old keys can't unlock new doors." - unknown

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