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EQ Master Class

New Self-Paced, Hybrid Format!

About the program

This interactive online program provides participants with a solid foundation in Emotional Intelligence and the tools to develop and leverage their skill strengths. The course includes personalized assessments, recordings, and downloadable handouts with inquiries to support the learning.  Participants will gain self-awareness, build empathy, improve their approach to conflict, and cultivate emotional well-being. The course is designed for anyone who is open to personal development and improving their interpersonal skills. 

Timing and Pace

The Master Class is broken into 5 modules, each includes micro learning videos and supporting handouts. Modules include:

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • Self-Awareness

  • Empathy

  • Balancing the Skills

  • Regulating Emotions

Participants can join at any time and participate at their own pace. The course videos and content will be available July 19, 2024.

Option to join us for live weekly calls to discuss the learning, celebrate wins, and meet with other learners!

About You

This Master Class is for you if you are:

  • a mid-level manager or executive

  • a construction professional looking to improve your EQ skills.

  • an emerging manager looking to build your leadership presence

  • ever involved in conflict resolution within a team setting

  • interested in developing emotional intelligence skills for personal or professional growth

About Me

I'm Estie Briggs

I am a certified EQ coach, consultant, creator, and founder of Briggs Performance Consulting. I have coached leaders at all levels of the organization and led hundreds of workshops across the globe to create impactful, relevant learning experiences. I'm passionate about building strong interpersonal relationships, creating joyful workplaces, and helping others recognize and leverage their strengths. 

In 2015, I launched Briggs Performance Consulting, which aims to empower individuals to leverage self-awareness and emotional intelligence to cultivate meaning and purpose in their work. 

Picture of me, wearing a colorful shirt holding a coffee cup and pointint to a "mood meter" during a classroom exercise.
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Learning that others feel emotions in the same ways. I often feel alone in the way that emotions manifest themselves in my body & see the diagram where cohort mates called out their feelings was really inspiring/insightful.
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